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Smelling The Coffee Flowers

We are in the process of recording demos for the next album.  We lost at least one player, and are working with a couple new folks that provide endless awesomeness.  We hope to be releasing a new single before the end of this year.

Been caught up in “what-not and such” and forgot to shout out and say thanks to the good people at Two Ton Music for their awesome review.


We apologize, and sincerely thanks for giving it a listen and for writing such kind words.

Also a big thanks to Ear To The Ground


Man that was written 8 months ago.  Yeah, we suck.  Thanks for being wonderful people.

Thanks to KSCR for asking us to participate in their first Around The World Indie Music Thingy.


And a very special thanks to Satan for all the great Rock music from the 60’s and 70’s.