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About The Band

jemilasLove112016 turned out to be a monumental year for the band Less Love. Having worked with Grammy award winning producer Michael Trepagnier (Coldplay) and engineer Kevin Lively (Rage Against The Machine) Less Love recorded & released the single Horse Race.

The song was nominated by The Independent Music Awards in the category of Best Rock/Hard Rock Song. In addition the video for the track has received three video awards including Best Music Video (Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival), Most Dramatic Video (KSCR Music Video Awards), and Most Likely To Be An Indie Film (KSCR Music Video Awards).  In addition the video was also nominated in the category of Best Music Video by The Global Music Awards.

Formed in 2006 by Sky McCullough and Billy Gro Less Love was a side project intended to record music for the sole purpose of being released on Myspace.

In 2008 the Oklahoma City band signed a deal and released three singles with the now defunct indie label Quickstar Records.  Their first single “Magical Purple Hair” garnered them attention and made them a college radio darling for a day.

Transferring to Lackpro Records in 2009 Less Love began work on their first LP.

Feeling the lack of inhibition that coincides with an indie label existence the band put together a collection021 - Copy of mismatched songs of multiple genres. Realizing the album would be criticized for having a lack of focus, the band chose to title the album “Go Fuck Yourself” which was released in 2010.

Singles released from the album such as “If You” were well received, but critics ultimately scrutinized the album based on its title alone.

Pairing up with their friends in the band Wondernaut, Less Love released their second LP “Paradigms in the Design” in 2013. The album received many kudos including being voted as album of the year by Rust Magazine.

Less Love is currently working on their next LP tentatively titled “The Battle Between Angels and Dinosaurs”


LESS LOVE'S Discography
# Title Release Date Link
1 Horse Race (Single) February 2016
2 Daisy (Compilation) October 2014
3 Paradigms In The Design (LP) September 2013
4 Blitzkrieg Bop (Single) January 2013
5 Rationalize Justify Goodbye (Compilation) April 2012
6 Go Fuck Yourself (LP) December 2011
7 Wondernaut / LESS LOVE (EP) December 2010
8 Come Clean (Compilation) November 2010